Talks, music, and everything else


Drafting Table with Oxford Poetry Library - 1pm - 3pm - Sunday 28th May

A bi-monthly poetry group (one at Gulp Fiction, one at the Community Works) where all are welcome to share and develop their work.

Every month a published poet will bring their words and experience in a fun and collaborative workshop.

Ben Mindlin Quartet - 8pm - 9.30pm Thursday 1st June

A quartet grown from a cutting of the mighty Oxford University Jazz Orchestra lead by the one and only Ben Mindlin.

Free Entry!

Polly Barton - Porn: An Oral History - 6pm - 7pm Friday 2nd June

£5 tickets (ticketholders get £5 off the book)

Tickets here.

Polly Barton joins us in the shop for a talk about her necessary, timely book.

How do we talk about porn? Why it is that when we do talk about porn, we tend to retreat into the abstract? How do we have meaningful conversations about it with those closest to us? In Porn: An Oral History, Polly Barton interrogates the absence of discussion around a topic that is ubiquitous and influences our daily lives.

The Gorenberg Quintet - 8pm - 9.30pm - Friday 8th June

Oxford's premier jazz/funk fivesome will take to the rug we have in the corner that acts as a stage, and play some mesmeric, danceable tunes. Come if you want to be delighted by wonderful music.

Free entry!