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The Story of Art Without Men - Katy Hessel

The Story of Art Without Men - Katy Hessel

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A long overdue, revisionist history of art by the brilliant Katy Hessel . . .

Never stuffy or supercilious, Hessel's book is a revelation and an important first step towards redressing the balance of an art world in which women have been sidelined, stepped over and trampled upon for far too long.' REFINERY29'An extraordinary achievement that will have a disruptive cultural legacy and help deter mine the landscape for years to come.' HARPER'S BAZAAR'Katy Hessel is a brilliant chronicler of the overlooked. I am so thrilled this book exists as an empowering, enlightening guide to the unforgettable vision of these brilliant artists. Essential reading.' ELIZABETH DAY'Will change the history of art .

. . thank God.'

TRACEY EMIN: 'I was not aware how hungry I was for this book until I dropped everything and ate it from cover to cover.

I was not aware how angry I was that this book did not exist until it existed. It's an urgently needed, un-put-downable, joyful, insightful, glorious, perspective-shifting revision of the Story of Art.'

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